Saturday, February 03, 2007

no really, this isn't an internet promise, this is a real one

not dead not dead not dead, etc etc etc

okay here's the deal- working retail dreains the BEJESUS, bejeezus, bezoombas and general strength out of a person. i'm not gone and in fact have been formulating a myriad of new posts for this 'ere little blog...problem is, every time i get a day off i'm just too lazy and soul-stricken from folding 1,000 pairs of jeans in an 8 hour day to care to write for you peons. but i've had two days off and i have two more coming up, so i think i've rested up enough to break out the pen of wrath and remind you folks why you love my hatred. (hint- it's so acidic, one might say it's lemon-scented!)

so, fear not, gentle readers. (are you gentle? i like to hope you are. i want to be the fierce one in this outfit dammit.) i will be back very, very soon. and you will love it. LOVE.


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